Trapp DominikaCsakoda, 1970

In 2011, together with Márton Dés, we launched a travelling exhibition, called Csakoda* – The Migration of Pictures in Hungary. With nearly 20 young artists, we travelled to the community centres of rural Hungary and set up exhibitions helped by local teachers and activists. The exhibition series aimed to make our works accessible to those who live outside of Budapest and are often marginalized from the contemporary art discourse. During the years, the initiation evolved into a more site-specific, research based annual project.

Participants in random order: Árpád Szigeti, Botond Keresztesi, Zsolt Hajdu, Bence Bálint, Mózes Márton Murányi, Norbert Menyhárt, Gáspár Szőke, Virág Bogyó, Csilla Hódi, Csenge Csató, Ráhel Monory, Miklós Mécs, Zsófia Keresztes, Kata Tranker, Veronika Romhány, Gyula Muskovics, Virág Lődi, Kristóf Kovács, János Donnák, Tamás Fehérvári, Krisztián Puskár, Kristóf Kürti and many others

*The name of the crew could be translated as “Only/Merely there” but this word also refers to the Hungarian name of a “one-way train ticket”, by which it implies geocultural and infrastructural meanings as well.

Projects in order:
2016 Catalyst-prise
2015 Local Service
2014 Leisure Festival
2013 Crafty Otherness
2011 Migration of pictures