21 May - 24 June 2016 / nGbK, Berlin




"A message from the future is warning us that time is running out. In the past years Europe’s colonial continuities and deeply rooted fascist practices
have come to the fore in ever more frightening ways. Resistance is now crucial. We urgently need to revive old and develop new feminist and anti-fascist
strategies of resistance and survival. What training do we need? No play proposes a structure, a temporal, spatial and social architecture that turns
the exhibition space of nGbK into a resource, a site of activity and exchange in the shape of a Feminist Training Camp. The Training Camp stems
from a queer understanding of feminism with a strong emphasis on grassroots models of collective organization, knowledges based in lived experience
and the handling of daily oppressions. A space for disagreement and negotiation that can create a situated public considered political. For this,
an intersectional understanding of how categories such as gender, race, class, ability, and sexual orientation are intertwined in oppressive power structures is necessary."

The series of events was preceded by a four-day long preparatory workshop. Together with Virág Bogyó, we were responsible for the catering.
We were given a free hand in compiling the menu and the related catering installation, which was aligned to the militant concept of the camp:
the four stages (training, battle, defeat, victory) of a fictional war inspired the thematic days. Accordingly, on the first, training day we dressed
as queer training officers; on the second, battle day, as sexy female soldiers; on the third day (day of the loosers), as conservative wives;
and on the fourth day (day of the winners) as urban-tribal sister - thus we provided not only meals, but a constantly changing, multi-layered performance piece.